What’s The Difference Between A House And A Home

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Is a house a home? What is the difference between home and house? Such questions are essential because the two terms may seem very close to one another, but they are not interchangeable for sure. Their phonetics might make you think they are the same thing, but their meanings are different, and that’s something you should know if you want to use them correctly in conversation and not only.


Setting apart a house and a home

The main difference between a house and a home can be described as such. Whenever we bring up a house in conversations or otherwise, we refer to a building. This building is made from construction materials such as bricks, wood, cement, or any other type of product used by the industry of constructing houses.

You call your house a home, which is an entirely natural thing to say, but the meaning of a home is much more profound than that of what a house is made of. That’s why we say that the word ‘home’ has a spiritual meaning. First of all, your home is where you belong. It is where your family lives, a space you share with your loved ones. For anyone on the face of the earth, a home offers comfort, shelter, and a deep feeling of safety.

Therefore, a house is just a type of construction. You can turn it into a home, but, by itself, it is nothing but an inanimate object. A home, on the other hand, has an invisible quality, a spiritual value that is invested in it by those who live inside it.


Home vs house – a few crucial differences

To use these terms correctly, you surely want to know a little more about the things that make them different. That’s why the following delimitations with their required explanations will help you understand them better.

A house is a type of construction, as explained earlier. It can be an apartment or tenement, although the consensus is that a house is the individual type of construction destined for a single-family unit. However, it is not unusual to hear about the ‘housing market’ and for it to include apartments and other types of constructions, as well.

A home represents a lot more. First of all, it is not restricted to a man-made construction. For instance, we say that a den is a wolf’s home. Any creatures living inside a shelter consider it their home, so not only humans have homes.

Another delimitation between the two terms is linked to the status of being lived in or not. A house that doesn’t shelter anyone is still a house. It can be empty, and it would still be called a house. However, if a home is not lived in, it’s not a home anymore. It is a den, or a construction, or a shelter, but it no longer should be called a home because it lost its meaning once it remained deserted.

The type of value invested in them also clears the differences between house vs home. A home always has a sentimental value; it is the place where someone, be it human or animal, feels safe. It represents the family, the warmth received from the loved ones, and it has a definite invisible value that cannot be quantified or measured.

A house, on the other hand, has no such thing as sentimental value. It has, however, a financial value. It costs money to buy a house, and it is a product on the market. There are sellers and buyers, whereas, for a home, you will never find such people since it’s not something that can be bought and sold.

In other words, a house can be a home, but not any house can be a home. The latter is something you build in other ways than with construction materials and equipment. It is something created with the heart and soul.


How is a house made?

In this day and age, it is unlikely that people start building their houses by themselves because of how complex these structures are and the regulations and laws in effect. However, for the sake of understanding the fundamental differences between a house and a home, you must know a bit about how houses are made.

They can be made from wood or other construction materials. Some have foundations, while others are placed directly on the ground. There are big houses and small houses, some with multiple rooms, while others can have only one room, a bathroom, and a kitchen. They have enclosed spaces with roofs on top.

You can buy a house or rent it. You can use it as a shelter for you and your family, but it is up to you to turn it into a home. Otherwise, it remains nothing but a house.


What does living in a home mean?

The word ‘home’ has intrinsic value, and it represents more than just the shelter you share with your family. It means comfort, safety, and warmth, and it is the basis of living a happy life. When you are down on your luck, sad, or anxious, going home and spending some time with your family will help you get back on your feet.

It doesn’t even have to be a bad event that happened to you. Each day, after your work is done, you return home. It is where you feel comfortable and can unwind after many hours spent away. You may go on trips and have fun, but you will still return home where you belong.

You are the one who turns a living space into a home. That’s why this term doesn’t describe something physical. It is that feeling you get when you return to it after a long day. It can also be a place inside your mind, somewhere you’ve always felt safe.


How do you make a home?

As mentioned earlier, the people living inside a house are the ones who transform it into a home. But what is a home? The above explanations might have sounded a bit abstract, which is why it is a good idea to get down to some things that are palpable and will help you in your quest to create a home.


  •         Add your personal touch

Even if you live in a rented place, that doesn’t mean that you cannot turn it into a home – your home. What you can do is to populate it with things that are yours, and not just any things. We’re talking about the things that give you comfort and allow you to feel safe. It can be a framed photo of your family or a preferred pillow thrown on the sofa. All these little touches count.


  •         Have a few plants around

Nothing brings a home alive better than a little greenery. Even if you don’t have a lot of space at your disposal to accommodate as many potted plants as you want, even one will make a difference. It will be a little something to return to at the end of a long day.


  •         Create a comfortable space just for you

You may have a numerous family, rambunctious and all over the place. While that also makes a home, their presence and enthusiasm to do a thousand things at the same time, don’t forget that your home is where you can unwind and feel yourself. Make sure you have a space that’s only for yourself, where you can grab a book and forget about everything for a little while.


  •         Have favorite things everywhere

A home lies in the little things. Put your imprint on the space you live in by making it a home for your favorite things, too. For instance, a bookshelf with your favorite books is a great idea. Have mementos from your travel placed on the furniture, or any other stuff that takes you back to happy moments in your life.


  •         Don’t forget about cleaning

You will surely feel well at home in a space that’s clean and healthy. It is also a way to invest your home with your goodwill too. By cleaning your home, you show that you care about the place that gives you shelter and that you want to make it as good as it can be.


  •         Fill the place with good memories

A fair comparison of house versus home wouldn’t be complete without insisting on the spiritual factor. That’s why here is another excellent idea of how to turn a house into a home – fill it with pleasant memories. Throw a party for your friends and family, and take some pictures. Plan a movie night with your loved ones. All these events will make your home feel more like yours than any other place in the whole world.


  •         Make it a home for your pets, too

Many families have pets, so if you have cute furry friends, make sure that your home is a home for them, as well. Organize a space for them and keep it clean. A happy pet will make you feel at home, just as the rest of the things mentioned before.

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