The Best Gifts for Board Game Lovers

by Team MD


The best gifts for board game lovers are not always board games. If the first thing you might think of as a birthday present or as a Christmas gift for people who are fond of board games is another game, then you have failed to consider the fact that they have a certain mind and a certain lifestyle that incorporates board games, so you have a lot of other options.

In this article, we are going to give you some ideas about how to make the universe of a board game enthusiast more beautiful and how to make them happy by offering the most appropriate gifts.


Game accessories

It is not an option to buy a new board game to a friend you want to pleasantly surprise because, as they have a lot of game series, it is hard to find one which they lack unless they have told you that they would love to buy a certain board game. So a great option is to buy some accessories that will help them organize better.


A game bag

There are several types of game bags on the market and you can buy a specially made one for a certain game or a general one, which will help your friend to efficiently transport a few board games for a trip or for a sleepover. Your friend will love it because people don’t usually purchase a bag made especially for that.


Dice tray

Most board games involve throwing dice and the best thing to roll your dice in is a tray because, first of all, you have an even space and you don’t have to take any more room on the table. This type of accessory is the one that people don’t often spend their money on, but it is really useful and will make their game less messy.


Gaming mat

There are two advantages to gaming mats. One is that they help you not ruin your furniture, and the second one is that you will be able to set your game anywhere without worrying that pieces of your game will fall over. 

You can purchase gaming mats in lots of different colors and you can go for different styles. For instance, you can buy a mat that is designed for a certain game or you can purchase a universal one. The thing that you should look at is the option of washing it in the washing machine because this is how you can tell if it is a long-lasting one. 


Playing card holders

There are many board games where you have to use cards so you could make your board game lover friend’s life a little happier by offering them a cardholder. There are different types of cardholders, made of plastic or wood, and a great choice is one that is bent in order for the opponents not to see the cards.

If you want, you can buy just one cardholder, or you can purchase a multiplayer set for your friend to be able to offer their competitors a great experience while they are playing using their board game.


Home decor

Most board game lovers dream of having a game room, a room that they can use only for playing with their friends and that they can decorate accordingly. For someone who has board games at the center of their life in terms of passion, customizing their home around their favorite board games can be very exciting.



The most common room decoration that you can purchase is a poster. There are lots of art forms present on the market and posters come in different styles. Minimalist, classic, or futuristic, a poster will always change the appearance of a room and there are a variety of board game posters that you can choose from.


Rubick cube

Even though the Rubick cube is not a board game, this would make a great gift for someone who plays board games on a regular basis because most board games make you think. People who like this type of activity will most certainly love the Rubick cube especially because it makes them think.

Also, board games usually have a board gamer identity which is usually connected to a geeky lifestyle but not in the negative connotation of the word. What we want to say is that these people are smart which means that they will definitely correlate their identity with the Rubick cube.


Gift cards and subscriptions

A board game lover will be the happiest when finding people that they can relate to and engaging in activities that stimulate their minds and where they feel that they are part of a group. Therefore, you will make them very happy if you will offer them a membership to a board game club or a subscription to a magazine. 

Gift cards are also a great option because, this way, they will be able to buy anything they want and you will not make the mistake of purchasing something that they are not really fond of.


Magazine subscription

Nowadays, you can find magazines on any topic you want and board games make no exception. Offering a loved one such a subscription is a great option especially because they might prefer to spend their money on another board game instead of a subscription, even though, secretly, they wish that they would spend it on a magazine.

There are a lot of magazines out there where people who love to play this type of game can find interviews of the people that design the games, news about the sequels of these games, strategies on how to play games, info about conferences and meetups and so on.


Board cafe gift card

Everywhere in the world, you will be able to find at least a board game club that organizes events and meetings. There are cafes that are open only for this type of meeting and if you decide to make such a gift, you will not regret it a bit especially after you will see their reaction to it.


Escape room gift card

Escape rooms have become very popular over the years and almost everybody loves them. But people who love board games love to decipher mysteries and to solve tasks and clues in order to move further in the game and eventually solve it. This is why they will definitely enjoy an escape room gift card.


Amazon gift card

Amazon has a special section for board gamers where anybody can find everything connected to this activity. If you are not sure what gift to buy for someone because you are not really familiar with board gaming and with their preferences, an Amazon gift card will save you a lot of time and will make the person you are offering it to very happy.



You know that someone is passionate about board games when they wear clothing connected to their favorite game. There is a lot of merchandise out there that includes even the less popular board games. From T-shirts to hats, socks, underwear, and key-chains, the fashion industry has various options where you can choose from.



If you are looking for something that will really surprise a board game, a book related to their passion will always be the way to go. You can go for fiction books like ‘The Master of Go’ by Kawabata, or ‘The Player of Games’ by Iain M. Banks, which are beautiful stories where your friend will be able to relate to the characters.

Non-fiction will also be a great choice and books like ‘GameTek: The Math and Science of Gaming’ by Geof Englesstein or ‘Dice Games Properly Explained’ by Reiner Knizia will definitely keep the mind of a board game enthusiast engaged and they might also take their gaming to another level.

‘Tabletop Gaming Manual’ by Matt Thrower is a book that every board gamer should have in their personal library and you will definitely strike their enthusiasm if you make such a gift.


An original sculpted chessboard

Classic board games such as chess or Go will always touch the soul of someone who loves board games, even if most board games are more complicated now and involve more players at a time. 

However, if you decide to purchase a beautiful chessboard that comes with sculpted pieces of art, you should know that they come in a variety of shapes and they can have different themes. Therefore, a great option is to first investigate what your friend likes and only after that decide what theme to purchase in terms of the chess pieces.


Final thoughts

Board games are fascinating and if you have not caught the virus yet while looking for the perfect present for a board game lover, there are high chances that you will become fond of them too. 

Even though people think that most board games are made for children, in reality, they are made for people who want to use their brains and engage in activities that are competitive and let their mind wander, similar to video games.



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