The Best Above – Bed Decorating Ideas

by Team MD


If you are refurbishing your bedroom, or you’re simply looking for some new things to add to the room, this guide is here to give you some above the bed wall decor ideas. You could say that the opportunities are limitless when it comes to things that you can place above your bed. However, here are some top choices you can make.


A large piece of art

Those that prefer a minimalist style but with a striking touch will want to get one single major print piece to serve as the point of focus in the room. If you want to get the maximum impact you have to keep the proportions right – so check the length of the bed and the space you leave on the wall, because a small paint piece can appear dwarfed compared to the surroundings.

With an imposing large piece of art, you can always catch the eye and expand the space. Having a single piece ensures you can keep things simple while still having a wide selection of art to choose from. And with so much variety, you can always find something that suits your style, and the shape and size you need to place above your bed.

Furthermore, if you’re a creative person you can start a DIY project and create your own piece of art on some plywood or a blank canvas. If you want to add even more to the wall you can create an accent wall. You could do that with a swath, or wallpaper, or even with a bright paint colored differently from the rest of the room.

After you finish painting the wall, you can hang the new art piece there. This will also help you in keeping the colors and styles cohesive so that the result pleases the eye. You also need to take into account the height at which you place the artwork. When hung by itself, a piece of art should be positioned at eye-level, and if it’s a picture, its center needs to be positioned above 56-60 inches from the floor.

If you decide on hanging 2 pieces, one above the other, you have to treat the art pieces as one larger one, and their center point needs to be 56 to 60 inches above the floor. When hanging pieces above a bed, you also need to leave about 5 to 9 inches between the top of the bed and the bottom of the art piece.

You can use this rule of thumb in other situations too – when you’re hanging art over drawers, chest, a headboard or sofa.


Gallery wall

The next choice you have is to create a gallery wall using multiple framed pictures, artworks, prints, or any other kind of wall decorations of different sizes and shapes. You can make a monochromatic wall with pieces that are very similar in color and style, and you can combine different hues, types of frames, and differentiate between textures, to create visual interest.

Using multiple works you can take advantage of bigger spaces above your wall. Usually, 3 pieces of art in a row will work really well and will let you fill the space while still leaving some negative space between them for a cleaner look. You can also create something more eclectic if you wish, or hang an entire gallery on the wall.

To make things more interesting you should vary the sizes and the shapes of things, but keeping the same color or group of colors for the frames to have some cohesion. You need to have a common characteristic, be it color, overall shape, or finish. You also want to get rid of too many vertical or horizontal lines and add some unexpected design elements. With a mix of black and white photos amongst some colored ones, you can add more visual interest.

Think about the process of creating such a complex piece of art above your bed – because a gallery transforms itself into that. Map out the design, laying out the frames and other decor pieces on the floor. Using kraft paper, trace each of them, and cut the shapes out. You should do this to make the process of arranging them on the wall easier.

Using blue painter’s tape arrange them on the wall as you want and tape them in place, making sure you don’t damage the wall. One of the easiest ways to do this is by starting with the largest piece and going down to the smallest last one. Try different compositions, different styles, until you find the one that you like the most.

Once you are sure how you want to place everything, make small marks on the wall, but make sure that you can erase them later. Also, mark the places where you need to put in the nails. Remove the kraft paper, and proceed to hang each piece in its designated place. One rule when hanging multiple art pieces in a group on a wall is to leave a spacing of 1 to 3 inches between each picture. If you have smaller pieces, they can have a space of 1 or 1 ½ between them.

When it comes to the height at which you want to hang the pictures above the wall, you should take the whole ensemble as a single piece and the center of this grouping needs to be placed at 56 to 60 inches above the floor, or at eye level.



Using mirrors the same way as printed art can result in different shapes or visual textures if you are clustering multiple mirrors. On the other hand, a big imposing mirror will make a huge visual statement. Mirrors are capable of offering design extras, and the better-known effect of a mirror is that it can make a room seem bigger.

It can also give another angle to a room for a quick once-over if you don’t have any other big mirrors in the room. Always an elegant choice, mirrors add glamour to your room, let you see yourself, and make the space in your room larger and brighter by bouncing more light. Depending on the effect you want to achieve, you can choose one single mirror or multiple ones.

The large mirror makes a grand statement, while small mirrors give a subtle look. Remember that the frame also has an impact on the design, and while an ornate frame is more luxurious, it might not fit every bedroom. A simple frame can be cleaner and more streamlined if it fits the room.


Shelf or clocks

When placing a shelf above the bed you can give yourself more decorating opportunities. A shelf will give you the opportunity to lean artwork on it, but you can also decorate it with stylish accessories, or add some lights to it, or place candles. The shelf will allow you to quickly change the decor, especially when it comes to festive seasons.

Another interesting way to fill the space above your bed is to add a group of wall clocks. This sounds like a crazy idea but in some cases, it works really well. You need to vary the size and shape of these clocks, and you can set them to the same time for a look that strikes with unity. It can be even more interesting to have a set of clocks that display different timezones.

This should show how much of a globetrotter you are or want to be. However, one downside of so many clocks can be the constant annoying ticking. So if you don’t find clocks that look good but don’t tick, you’re going to have a rough time sleeping under them.



If you want to create a luxurious and dramatic look, there are few things that can do that better than curtains. An elegant curtain can make your entire bedroom look cleaner, cozier, and more attractive. It’s a good thing that curtains come in so many colors, textures, patterns, so no matter what you like you are always able to find something to suit your style.

You can choose to simply soften the walls with some curtains that are close to the colors already present there, but if you wish to make a statement, to really catch the eye, go for something bold, a strong color or pattern.

There are some bedrooms that have off-centered windows on some of their walls, and these rooms can be really hard to arrange. Your bed might back onto such a wall, and if that is the case you need to create a symmetrical piece that balances the window. If the window is too large you should try to put the bed directly underneath it, again, for symmetrical purposes.

Of course, in some cases, this will mean you will be sitting under cold air, or intense sun rays most of the time, and you don’t want that. That is why, if you have a relatively small window, try to compensate it by adding a piece of artwork, mural scene, or everything like that in a symmetrical position relative to the bed.



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