Interested to sell your house? Here is how to do it without a realtor

by Team MD


Selling your house is a big decision so you should take your time to consider all your options and decide which one is best for you. And while a realtor could have your property sold in a shorter period of time, you will also be charged a good commission. So if you’re looking to save up a few bucks and make sure you’re getting the desired amount of money for your property, here are some tips you need to follow.


Establishing the right price

The first thing you need to do is focus on selling your house for the right price. Therefore, you need to do a thorough online research or ask around about the property price in your area. It is easy to overestimate the value of your house and hope to get a better price but, unfortunately, your property will remain unsold unless you ask for a reasonable amount of money.

The price of the property is usually influenced by a series of factors, including the neighborhood’s crime rate, easy access to facilities, amenities, the size of the property, neighbors, as well the surrounding view.

Obviously, if you wake up in the morning facing the beach, the ocean or the mountains, your property can be sold for more. On the contrary, don’t expect people to pay a fortune for your house if it’s in a bad neighborhood, far from schools and shops or without any view.

Make some minor home improvements

After deciding on a price, you need to make your house worth every penny. Therefore, you should opt for some minor repairs and redecorations, just to make things look more appealing to potential clients. Buy some flex seal to cover up minor leaks and seal small holes or damages on the structure of your house. However, remember to always hire a contractor for more in-depth repairs and on-point renovations.

As for the interior, you could try changing the tiles and maybe even consider some refurbishing, maybe even buying a new recliner or a sofa that will brighten up the living room and make it look more spacious. Some new light curtains and decorative pillows can easily change the entire look of a room with a tight budget.


Host an open house

Once you’ve listed your property online and finished redecorating, you are ready to welcome people and potential clients into your home. Hosting an open house day is perfect for getting to know all the people who would be interested in your property and trying to connect with them. It’s a great idea to answer all their questions and ditch some of their potential doubts.

Moreover, it’s always better for the clients to get connected with the actual owner and seller of the house because you are the only one who has actually lived there and knows all about the property.

And, if you want to make your open house day more pleasant, don’t forget to polish it a little bit. Subtle things can truly make a difference as long as you don’t look like you’re trying too hard. For instance, a subtle scent of vanilla coming from the kitchen can easily turn any regular house into a real home as it will recall some sweet childhood memories and make clients feel more welcomed.

Another thing to keep in mind for the open house event is to previously clean the property as thorough as possible. You should get rid of all the unnecessary things that can crowd the rooms. Keep in mind that clients love to see a house just as it is in 2020 furnished and decorated, but too much of your private things might end up being uncomfortable for both you and the clients.

Therefore, don’t forget to clean all the laundry, put all your clothes back into the dressers, and get rid of useless and tacky decorations. Make the place as light and luminous as possible by using light colors (shades of white, beige, light grey or butter yellow) and mirrors. A few photos perfectly placed here and there around the house will make people feel more connected.

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