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Having a beautiful wreath welcoming your guests when they visit you for Christmas is a wonderful idea, but are you willing to put holes into your front door just for that? In this article, you will learn how to hang a wreath without causing any damage.


Consider the weight of your wreath

Before getting to the nitty-gritty of how to hang a wreath on a door, let’s start with a bit of preparation work. Since the whole idea of preventing any damage to your door is to keep from driving nails in it, it’s easy to see that other mechanisms will be used. However, regardless of what methods you will choose from the ones we will describe a little later, you should bear in mind how much your wreath weighs.

The good news is that most wreaths are quite lightweight and usually weigh less than 5 pounds. However, in case you create one by hand, and it ends up heavier than most, it doesn’t hurt to weigh it to see what you’ll be dealing with. Ideally, you shouldn’t consider hanging anything that weighs more than 15 pounds.


How to hang a wreath with ribbon

One of the easiest ways to hang a wreath without damaging your door is to use ribbon. This method is quite simple and straightforward. What you must do is take some satin ribbon – preferably the 3-inch wide type – and cut a long piece from it. Measure the height at which you want the wreath to hang on your front door, and cut a piece that’s at least twice as long plus a bit extra.

You will need to have enough ribbon to loop it around the top of the wreath and some bit left for the part that will be folded on the other side of the door and fixed with thumbtacks. It is true that some small holes will remain after doing so, but they will be on the inside and away from view. Plus, you can always fix them with a bit of paint when you want to give your door a makeover.

While this may not be the ideal solution for everyone, it is one idea of how to hang a wreath on a door without a hanger. In case you do prefer to use a hanger, the method is described below.


Replace the ribbon with a piece of string

In case you are not a fan of ribbon, you can always use a piece of string instead. One in golden hues is ideal to complete the holiday spirit, but you can even settle for one that comes in close colors to the door if you want to make it as good as invisible.

The same rules apply, and you must make sure that the piece you cut is as long as needed as you will need enough to loop around the top of the wreath, enough length to hang from it, and some left so that you can secure it to the door on the other side.


How to use a hanger to hang a wreath

If you’re looking for quick solutions, here is one you should try. Commercial hangers are available everywhere, and they make everything simple. Magnetic models are widespread and represent a quick solution to a problem that, apparently, has challenging solutions.

You may wonder how you could hang a wreath on a wooden door with a magnetic hanger. Here is why it works for plenty of doors, including those made from wood. Manufacturers usually reinforce wooden doors with steel; to see if that’s the case, place a magnet on the door and see if it sticks. If it does, then you’re in luck.

It’s easy to understand that this is also an excellent solution regarding how to hang a wreath on a metal door. The magnetic hanger will immediately stick to the door, and you will be able to hang the wreath you prefer without any problems. Since metal doors cannot be poked with thumbtacks and whatnot, it is clear why this option works best for this type of situation.

But what should you do if your door is made from glass? The manufacturers thought of everything. Some models they sell come in two pieces, one you place on the outside and one on the inside. By placing the two at the same height on the glass, you will have them stick together. Therefore, you will be able to use the hanger for hanging your wreath without a problem.

The same solution goes for doors that come with a window. Of course, it’s not the only choice, but if you want to know how to hang a wreath on a door with a window, a magnetic hanger with two pieces will always do the trick.


Self-adhesive hooks are always a good option

You don’t have to drive nails or thumbtacks through your door and leave unsightly marks after the holiday season is over. Self-adhesive hooks are here to help, and you’ll find them helpful for hanging anything, anywhere, as long as it’s not too heavy.

Here is something you should know before you go shopping for this type of item. A bit of preparation is required. Clean the door thoroughly and dry it with soft paper towels before applying the hook. The adhesive needs a clean, even surface on which to adhere. Also, this ensures that removing the hook after it serves its purpose won’t leave you with unpleasant sticky residue to deal with.

A good piece of advice is to go for good quality products. Some adhesives can pull off the paint when you try to remove them. That’s why going with a tried and tested company is the way to go.


Velcro hanging strips – the secure solution

If you want to make sure that the wreath won’t easily come off a hook, you should know that there are other methods to hang it without causing any damage to your door. The most secure method many homeowners swear by involves the use of Velcro strips.

To make sure that this method provides you with the best results, get some cardboard, along with the Velcro strips you will use for the operation. On the back of the wreath, attach pieces of cardboard and tape a couple of strips to them. Then place the corresponding number of Velcro strips on the door and make sure they align correctly.

Velcro strips provide excellent properties, as they do not easily come undone. However, it is essential that you secure the cardboard pieces to the wreath with wire so that they are attached properly. This way, you can rest assured that your work won’t become undone when you least expect it.

From all the methods on how to hang wreath on front door, this might seem a bit more elaborate than the rest, but it will take very little of your time to get it done.


How to place a wreath on a glass door

A bit earlier, we explained some methods that involved the use of magnetic hangers and mentioned that it’s an excellent method to use for a glass door. Here is another technique that you can employ without any trouble. Glass doors cannot be punctured with nails or thumbtacks, but seeing how you wish no damage to your door anyway, it is a good idea to proceed with care.

In this case, suction cups are your best friends. They adhere to glass with ease, and they can hold lightweight wreaths. In case you don’t want them to stand out, it is highly recommended to get the clear type, as those are available everywhere. You will notice right away that you have plenty of options to choose from. This is how to hang wreath on glass door with zero headaches.


In case you have a knocker on the door

There is one situation that may make you consider yourself lucky. Older houses come with traditional knockers on the front door, and that vestige of vintage home décor can help you hang your wreath without worrying that you might damage the door.

Wrap ribbon or string around the knocker to hang the wreath, and you are good to go. However, it would be a good idea not to depend on the knocker to let you know when your guests arrive. As you may well suspect, the knocker will no longer be able to serve its initial purpose.


What to do if you feel that you still need to nail it

Although ideally, you wouldn’t want anything to do with methods that involve damaging your door, a small nail won’t be able to cause many problems. Filling in the hole that remains behind and painting over it is not that big a deal.

This is all on how to hang Christmas wreath on door. All these methods work, so you should be able to find the most suitable for your needs fast and easy.



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