5 tips to avoid negative energy at home

by Team MD


Your house should be your altar and the ultimate place of relaxation after a long day at work. Unfortunately, most of us cannot seem to get rid of stress, negative situations, and personal conflicts when arriving home.

If you have a stressful and demanding life with plenty of drama or unresolved conflicts, chances are your house is full of negative energies. Luckily, one can find plenty of useful and convenient tips to help you overcome this nasty phase of your life and allow you to readjust the energies in your house to live up to your full potential.


Remove clutter

Have you ever considered getting rid of most of the things you own and adopt a minimal lifestyle, similar to the Japanese people? You shouldn’t only own the essentials, but you could learn to live without some of your belongings.

Boxes full of unworn clothes, old furniture that you no longer use or outdated decorations in 2020 all these items are cluttering your house and preventing you from breathing properly. Thus, the easiest way to restore your house energy level is to get rid of all the things you don’t need anymore.

You can give them to charity or just put them in the trash. It doesn’t matter as long as you understand that some items will only capture negative vibrations and will create a sense of anxiety and claustrophobia inside your house.


Add plants

Another easy way to get rid of everything negative is to bring in more nature. Don’t forget to open all your windows widely and allow as much natural light and fresh air as possible inside your house. Practice this simple and efficient technique on a daily basis, and you’ll notice an improvement in just a few days.

Adding plants could also prove beneficial, especially in a place that doesn’t get as much fresh air as it should. They are known for attracting all impurities in the atmosphere and cleaning the air.

If interior design and decorations are your passion, why not take things one step further and create your own green wall? These are very fashionable right now and, apart from looking awesome, they will also freshen the air and get you rid of negative energies. Green walls can be decorated with moss, aerial plants or even grass and don’t require special care. They will only need some natural light and some water once in a while.


Learn how to relax

Daily struggles, problems with your spouse or your children, monthly mortgages or work-related stress in 2020 all these will bring bad karma in your house unless you learn how to face them properly.

You can start fixing the situation by admitting that, once in a while, you need to let go of everything and focus on your own persona. Start a new diet to cleanse your body, apply a soothing mask onto your face or relax your muscles with a back massager – you are allowed to be selfish every now and then if it’s for your mental health.

Watch out for the antiques

There are many hidden gems in second-hand stores and thrift shops, but this may not be good for your health. Each product carries the karma and the energy of its previous owner so, when you’re buying a second-hand sweater, for instance, you’ll also buy the item’s previous story.

If you don’t want to get rid of all your old items and decorations, you can start by cleaning each object accordingly. Don’t forget to wash it thoroughly and even change its place in your house. However, you should immediately get rid of an item, no matter how precious or pretty it looks like if you suspect it of bringing you bad luck or messing with your vibe.


Rearrange furniture

There are plenty of Feng Shui rules you must follow when it comes to enjoying a harmonious house, but the easiest way is to rearrange your furniture. For instance, make sure the bed in the bedroom, and the couch in the living room always stay against a wall. Your office desk should always face the entrance door, and you should never place a bed, chair or desk between the window and the access door.


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