::Cinema Love:: AUNTIE MAME

“Oh the doors I’m going to open for you! Doors you never have dreamed existed.”
Auntie Mame was my all time favorite movie growing up. Fashion! Parties! Mame! I wanted to be her when I grew up. I was in love with her curious spirit and dreamed of one day living in the Big City. I loved that the interiors of her apartment in the movie are constantly changing and evolving. They embody who she is at any given moment and exercise her self expression through fashion and interiors.

The first interior of Mame’s apartment has a decidedly Asian influence, with elaborate patterns in screens and gilded galore! The decor reflects her extravagant lifestyle at the time with over the top parties and an entourage of international friends.

Voila! So much more sober than previously (as Mame was herself), but every bit as glamorous!! The tree coming out of the round settee is wacky cool!

In the next phase of the evolution of her home, Auntie Mame tries to run off unwanted potential “in-laws” with moving sofas! Operated, of course, with dazzling crystal pulleys.

We come full circle at the end with a return to Asian influences, a beautiful serene mural and an elaborately detailed chandelier reflect Mame’s inner peace with her life, past, present and future.

For a designer, watching Auntie Mame is like being a kid in a candy store. This movie is such a wonderful example of how your environment should reflect who you are as well as, conversely, the impact your surroundings have on you and others. How do you fulfill
your inner “Auntie Mame?”


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