06 | LUST LIST: My Favorite Things

A lover of all things beautiful, I find so many great treasures in my day to day travels. I’m loving so many things right now.

Here’s my lust list for June

Clockwise from top right
New York Vintage Gators Necklace (I’m a Gator girl at heart!)    |   Tom Ford Cuff   |   Alexander McQueen Couture  |   Isabel Marant Sneakers   |   Eric Schmitt “Bulb” table   |    Hilla Shamia Cast Aluminum and Wood Tables    |    N.oor Cuff    |    Paul Villinksi Butterflies Collages    |    “Diamond Dust Shoes” by Andy Warhol (You know I want one!)   |    Bec Brittain Lighting

Notes about a few of these things that I think you should know

Paul Villinski is an installation artist that I discovered recently. I cannot get over how drawn I am to his compositions of butterflies…and they are made of recycled aluminum! I am so inspired by his stunning work.

This Tom Ford cuff reminds me so much of Gaudi’s sketches and models for La Sagrada Familia…truly organic in such a luxurious way. A few years ago at the cathedral in Barcelona, I ran across those sketches and models. If any of you have ever seen them, you know just how inspiring they are!

Luxury sneakers have been big lately. I am dying for these Isabel Marant sneakers. They have a hidden wedge for extra lift! Wish I was a little bit taller, wish I was a baller…

I discovered these physics defying tables at the perfectly curated Ralph Pucci showroom. One of my favorite design tools is using materials in an unexpected way and this table, with it’s glass bottom, does just that.



  1. Dottie Valentino
    Posted June 7, 2012 at | Permalink

    I love it all….. especially the Paul Villinski butterfly installations!!! TO DIE!!!

  2. Sarah {High Styling}
    Posted June 8, 2012 at | Permalink

    One sexy list! In love with the lighting!